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Advanced Credit Decisioning Begins with Lendflow

Take credit decisioning one step further. Find more qualified borrowers.

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Gone are the days of credit decisions based on outdated information, incomplete applicant data and simple credit scoring algorithms. Now, lenders have access to countless new data sources presenting an abundance of better ways to evaluate credit applications and make more informed credit decisions.

The fastest-growing tech-savvy lenders are using dynamic decisioning tools to:

  • Aggregate real-time accounting, invoicing, payroll data, and cash flow analysis for superior data profiles
  • Build custom credit workflows and automation for minimizing manual reviews and fast-tracking the approval process
  • Unearth more qualified, high-intent SMB borrowers and boost loan conversion rates

Discover the win-wins of automated decisioning, why traditional credit data is failing SMBs, and why lenders are increasingly turning to Lendflow’s credit decisioning engine

Download our ebook today: Advanced Decisioning. More Qualified Customers. This Is Credit Decisioning On Your Own Terms.